Sunday, 29 July 2012

There are times when we feel as though nobody knows

There are times when we feel as though nobody knows what we're going through – 

how sad it is, how empty, how we struggle with pain
that almost overpowers us.
Yes there are times when we're tempted to think we're all alone,
~but GOD SEES.
There are times when we really thought we were doing something good for someone we love but then that loved one misunderstands
and we feel as though every effort
we've made were in vain.
Yes, it feels so bad and it seems all our works were useless,
~but GOD SEES.
How often have we wanted others to see who we truly are or what’s really going on deep down inside,
but try as we might we are either rejected or passed by unnoticed
as though we didn’t matter,
as though we weren’t there?
For all such times and for all such hurts may we always remember
that though people may fail to see
and may fail to know, there is One who always knows, who knows us so intimately.
Everyone else’s eyes may go blind,
~but GOD SEES....♥

Love ~• ♥ •~ Light

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