Wednesday, 25 April 2012

When life gives you a storm to weather, know that you are strong enough to battle through it. Hold on, the sun really is shining just around the corner, you just have to believe it with all of your heart 
Right now in this very minute some one is proud of you, someone is thinking of you, someone cares about you, someone misses you, someone wants to talk to you, someone wants you to be happy, someone wants to hug you, someone thinks your such a gift, someone admires your strength your character your ability to hold on when they would understand if you just couldn't anymore, someone wants to laugh with you, someone thinks the world of you and your amazing self, you just have to believe it
Be true, be you, and be happy with that, because you're a beautiful work of art, that deserves everything wonderful and amazing out of life 
Contrary to popular belief, knowing you are beautiful inside and out does not make you conceited, it makes you revolutionary
With light and love guiding your way, I know you can do it! You can achieve anything you put your my mind to. Anything and everything is possible, feel the hunger deep inside of you bringing the essence of who you are to the surface, to propel yourself forward and bring your dreams to fruition 

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Those who truely open their heart to LOVE spread sparkle and light wherever they and every day let that be you with love in your heart and sparkle in each step
The world is full up with beautiful things just like you. So glad your in it, cause you totally make my heart smile 
What you feel about yourself is what you are, and what you are is amazing, gorgeous, beautiful, talented and smart....You better believe it, it's true
Be beautiful, be gorgeous, be you and SMILE more please, I just love how you dazzle us with your sparkle ♥
Today tell someone you love them, sometimes we just need to hear it from someone who cares, to wash away all the fears 

Monday, 23 April 2012

Change the voices inside your head, make them like you instead. Have a little faith in yourself, you really are quite simply wonderful
Never forget this...YOU are beautiful and YOU matter
At the end of the day you can focus on what's tearing you apart, wearing you down. Or you can focus on the things that hold you together...Love, light, friendships, joy, laughter and knowing how loved you are for just being you and your amazing self 
What may seem like a series of unfortunate events, may indeed be the first steps of a brand new journey, just waiting to unfold, packed full of everything your heart desires 
Life kicks you around sometimes, it scares you and it beats you up, but there's a day when you realise your not just a survivor. You're a warrior. Your tougher than anything life throws your way...You just have to take the first step and believe it

Sunday, 22 April 2012

No matter my age I'm going to grow up and be someone. Draw a map, find a path. Take a breath and run 
Hugs were invented to let people know you Love them or care about them, without having to say anything at all. Today give the gift of a hug, it might just be the very thing they need, to make their world just a little brighter 
I know in life how important it is to not necessarily be strong, but to FEEL strong. Tough times don't last, but tough people do 
There's something about a mothers love that should be shared with the world. The warmth of love that touches your very soul and makes your heart sing with joy. The feeling of being showered in a million reasons to smile each and every day. The comfort of a hug just when you need it, someone to look up to and feel inspired by. This amazing, overwhelming feeling that you will never have to feel alone and you will always be loved for just being you. That's something to be treasured and something to hold on to, because that kind of unconditional love just doesn't happen for everyone. And if your one of the lucky ones, who gets even a glimpse of that kind of Love, never ever let her go
Remember today is the tomorrow you were worried about yesterday and in this moment and the millions after that YOU are loved and cherised for just being you and that's what really counts

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Don't be a victim of your own mind, break free from the cycle. See, feel all the beauty around you and if you can't bring yourself to dance in the rain, fall soundly asleep to it, knowing your are so loved. Tomorrow is a brand new day and you get to choose whether the rain has washed away the pain and sorrow, to bring you bigger and brighter tomorrows 
Release your emotions, declutter your mind, revive your soul and set your gorgeous, beautiful, unique, amazing self free 

You were born, because one day your going to be important to someone, you may not feel like it now, but it's true. You and your amazing self are going to brighten someone's world just by being in it, or help someone's dream come true. It might even be your own dream that takes flight

Dear self......How are you doing today? Hopefully wonderful. I just wanted to let you know your a beautiful person and somebody loves you very much. You should never let anyone bring you down, you are so much better than that. Stay strong....Love me 
You're going to be okay, in time this to shall pass and you will come to realise just how much you are needed, loved and cared for 

Friday, 20 April 2012

With each new day we are given new hope, new possibilities, new opportunities. Each and every new day is a miracle a chance to start afresh and the best way to start those days, is to LOVE your gorgeous self

If you think and feel happy thoughts, they will shine out of you like sunbeams on a beautiful summers day, and you will always look beautiful 

Put all your unhappiness aside, life is beautiful and you deserve to be happy 

You are beautiful!! YOU are you for a reason, and you were made in the perfect image of your own uniqueness. There is a place in this world that only you can fill. So don't ever give up on your amazing self 

Be you, be your own beautiful self and know that, that is enough

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Find a way to smile in each and every day!! If it helps...I think your beautiful, amazing, gorgeous and perfectly perfect in all your wonderous uniqueness...Believe it, your worth it 

Don't ever turn and run from your pain, don't bury yourself in that dark space of your mind that is willing to pull you under. You just have to say to yourself....I need my pain, it makes me who I am and will make the LOVE I have for myself and others even stronger by working through it 

Melt away the darkness and let the light awaken Your Inner Sparkle for a joyous tomorrow ♥

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Tears burning as they fall
My soul is crying for you
Melting a path to my heart
Where love still lives so true
Memories screaming in flame
Holding your picture again
Eternity has stood still
Since you left me in pain
How do I live in darkness
Without you lighting my way
Fading images haunting my life
When I turned and left that day
Hiding beneath tide of misery
Waiting to be swept away
Drowning waves of broken dreams
Never your love would I betray
Will you catch me when I fall
From my cliff of sorrow
Need your love to continue living
Without you time is borrowed..

Music is what brings me out of my shell, dance is what brings passion and soul to my core, LOVE is what heals me, nurtures me and leads me home

Somedays you just have to create your own sunshine, be your own kind of hero and remember that you and your amazing self deserve the LOVE you give so freely

Dont' let the hurt keep you up at night, with your head on repeat. You don't have to keep feeling that ache in your heart, just find one little space of happiness, focus on it, hold on to it and watch it grow

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Dear self.....Be positive, enjoy the small pleasures, always look on the bright side of life and never ever hide yourself away from all that you can be

Someone is or will be lucky to have you. Never stop believing your perfectly lovable just the way you are

Whenever your afraid, hurting or feeling alone, remember YOU are somebody's reason to smile, you bring love and warmth to someone else's heart, whether you know it or not 

Monday, 16 April 2012

Our unique beauty shines through when we speak with love and passion straight from the heart. Do more of what you LOVE. Be you, LOVE you and SMILE more....Your worth it

Our pain is not an excuse to back out, but an inspiration to move forwards, transforming, growing ourselves, to be the best that we can be 

The journey is what prepares our hearts for our dreams, don't be afraid to shine and let the world see the real you 

Now is all we have and Love is who we are ♥

Sometimes people who are thousands of miles away, can warm your heart, make your soul shine and help you chase the blues away, more than the ones right beside you. I'm so pleased we're only a moon away 

Sunday, 15 April 2012

hum chale is jahan se tumhe khushiyan de kar

hum chale is jahan se tumhe khushiyan de kar
koi jo hui ho khata to maaf kar dena
hum ye na khenege ke yaad rakhna tum hume
pr iltija itni hai ke na bhulana hume
agar ho meri zarorat yaad karna mujhe
main chali aaongi kisi na kisi bahane se
main na bhulongi meri zindagi ke wo pal
jo beetaye the main ne teri hr baaton main
khushi hai ke abhi katil ne bhi na kiya hai waar
gar marr gaye to ye hum ne kaha hai aakhri baar
tumhe mile har khushi mile duniya main wo sughaat
jo na mili ho kisi ko tumhare aane se pehle mere jaane ke baad
khuda rakhe sada khush tumhe
 tumhare chahne walon ke saath
hum ghum ko uthaye chale apne janaze ke saath
khuda rakhe salamat tumhe hamain uthane ke baad
mere liye na banana dukh is baat ka doston
main to badal main bandh jao ik ghata ke saath
rakhna khayal apna sirf mere liye
main kehti hon tumko is iltija ke saath
khush rehna khush rakhna tum sab ko sada
kabhi na mile tumhe ghum hum jaa rahe hai is dua ke saath

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Sometimes we make love with our eyes. ♥
Sometimes we make love with our hands. ♥
Sometimes we make love with our bodies.♥
Always we make love with our hearts.♥

Friday, 13 April 2012

"Har shakhs hi jaise rukh-e-batil se mila ho,

"Har shakhs hi jaise rukh-e-batil se mila ho,

"Ek bhi nahi aisa jo humain dil se mila ho,

"Phir raah se, rehbar se, musaft se gila kya,

"Jab hukam palat jane ka manzil se mila ho,

"Andaaz-e mulaqat bhi is baar juda tha,

"Jaise k unhain waqt bhi mushkil se mila ho!!

Woh mil jatey hain kahani bankar

Woh mil jatey hain kahani bankar
Dil mein bas jatey hain nishani bankar
Jinhe hum rakhte hain apni aakhon mein
Kyun nikal jatey hain wo pani bankar
Khayaalo ko kisi aahat ki aas rehti hai
Nigaahon ko teri talaash rehti hai
Tere bina koi kami nahi lekin
Tere bagarr tabiyat udaas rehti hai

Us k kis andaz ki tareef karun me

Wo hr andaz ka kamal rakhta hai

Shayad kuch majburiyan ho uski

Woh khud se zyada mera khayal rakhta hai